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IT professional and Website Developer

About myself

King Mhar Bayato is a Junior Full Stack Developer specializing in html5, css3, bootstrap, javascript, jQuery,nodeJS , Photoshop and WordPress. He never stops learning and still taking online courses and active student in Udemy.com and Freecodecamp. He is previously working in Bank in the Phillippines as an ETL/ SQL developer and Implementation Consultant. He has more than 2 years experience in Data migration using MSSQL, SSIS, and Informatica. He’s currently employed at One.com Dubai Team.

Holds excellent knowledge on various Operating Systems, Server, Programming & Scripting Languages, Design Software, Software Packages, Applications & Processors. Performed well under work pressure, met project deadlines successfully and resolved customer support issues effectively. Tact in dealing with clientele and excellent analytical, problem-solving coordination, client support, interpersonal, time management and communication skills. Seeks a solid career foundation within a forward-thinking organization which offers challenging training to use and develops skills.

  • HTML 99%
  • CSS3 99%
  • Javascript 90%
  • Database – MYSQL / MSSQL 88%
  • PHP 60%
  • Wordpress 97%
  • Design 85%
  • Project Management 87%


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My biggest achievement is starting my own business! I believe that taking the risk is better than doing nothing.

King Mhar Bayato

Website Developer, Code Advent

Automatic Insertion of semicolon on Javascript

Let me explain how dangerous this when you are coding your program using a javascript. Javascript has a syntax parser where he checks your code before you run it. A simple example of this is the syntax "return". When the javascript compiler checks your code it will...
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Responsive Resume Template using Bootstrap!

Hi, I've completed 4 series of Eudonix bootstrap video tutorials and I want you to share one of the useful templates that you can use for building your online Resume to amaze your employer 🙂   Feel Free to grab! the link below! Download Happy...
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Coercion Is converting a value from one type to another. This happens quite often in javascript because it's dynamically typed. //Example: var a = 1+ "2"; console.log(a); // answer 12 not 2 The first parameter coerces by javascript engine as a string. When you can...
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Static TODO-Application using REST API and CRUD using POSTMAN.

Hi there, it's been a long time before I wrote some tutorials I've learned from some video tutorials that I want to share. I'm doing this not just to copy their works but to make sure that I've understood how it works. Let's start with what we need. We all know that...
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Super Basic WEATHER APP using NodeJS

We will build an application where it will detect your location and get the temperature on this location. For example Dubai, temp is 82.00\n\nThese sites will help us to build our application: \n\nhttp://ipinfo.io/ - this will give us the location and return the...
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Freedom Wall App by Kingmhar

Hello, at exactly 1:55 pm in Dubai, I've just completed my application and I will call it Freedom Wall. This is a basic application where you will be posting your feelings or what you think. You can add, edit, and delete every post :). But please guys don't delete...
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Javascript functions are First Class!

Hi, guys please check the comment in my code to check why the javascript functions are First Class 🙂 // function statement\nfunction greet() {\n console.log('hi');\n}\ngreet();\n\n// functions are first-class\nfunction logGreeting(fn) {\n...
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Hello, we will solve another problem from Freecodecamp and this problem was also shared with other programming languages. But today we will use the Javascript my favorite language :)\n\nHere's the question from Freecodecamp:\n\nOne of the simplest and most widely...
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What are RESTful routes?

What are RESTful routes? \n\nREST stance for representation states transfer. It's not a new programming language or new technology it is just a pattern for defining your routes. It's the way of mapping the HTTP routes and CRUD(CREATE, READ, UPDATE, DELETED).\n\nFor...
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Javascript: Question How to repeat a given string?

This problem is from the FreeCodeCamp.com and here's how I solved it.\n\nQuestion: Repeat a given string (first argument) num times (second argument). Return an empty string if num is not a positive number.\n\nSolution:\nfunction repeatStringNumTimes(str, num) {\n //...
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